Bradley Morris


Bradley T. Morris is a popular meditation teacher who has has taught more than 500 meditation workshops since 2009.  

His online meditations and his Meditation Majik Library have been enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of people from over 70 countries around the world.

Let’s get personal

What is the teaching that is most important to you?

Your power is in your presence. Set down your devices, close your eyes and breathe your awareness back into you.

What helps you practice self-compassion?

Screwing up almost daily.

What are you most insecure about and what helped?

I'm not naturally the smartest cookie in the box. It takes me a while to learn things. Patience and kindness have been my helpers.

Tell us about the last time you lost your cool and how you navigated it.

I play golf every morning at sunrise. I lose my cool at least once per round. My emotional state on the course is a deeper reflection of how I'm actually doing under the surface. Golf is my moving meditation and presence practice.

Tell us about the last time you cried and how you soothed yourself.

I think the last time I cried was watching, "My Teacher the Octopus." There was nothing that needed soothing. I just let myself cry and I felt better for it.

What’s the biggest challenge you've faced? How did you overcome it?

There has been no greater challenge in my life than my path of entrepreneurship. If ever one wants to deal with their demons, overcome their fears and heal their insecurities, they should become an entrepreneur. Overcome it? HA! I suppose I have learned to greet each day's challenges with less attachment to "figuring them out" and more of a knowing that "this too shall pass." 

What have you let go of that made your life a little easier?

My attachments to my big, lofty goals. My desires to "be someone or be known for something." I have simplified my life, business processes and relationships greatly. I have more space for what truly matters as a result.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

I don't have any guilty pleasures. Just pleasure. Playing golf is definitely one of my greatest joys. I have been obsessed since I was 12. I now compete professionally as my hobby. I wake up at ungodly hours to do my practice and go play golf at first light through all 12 seasons. I play in every weather imaginable. I play with glow in the dark balls in the winter. I love it. It is pure pleasure, with zero guilt. It makes me a better human. My other two might be chocolate and a cup of coffee.

Given the choice of anyone in the world, who would you want as your dinner guest?

Hmmmm, if the conversation was to be open and honest, I'd love to connect with Tiger Woods and talk about his healing journey over the last 10 years. Or perhaps Jack Black and have a super silly, hilarious time. Or my parents, because they're 5000km away and I haven't been able to see them this year. All would be great.  

What is a funny, embarrassing moment from your life?

Either eating somebody's freshly shaven leg hair in front of hundreds of people (in high school) for a cancer fundraiser OR choking on a piece of watermelon and almost dying on stage while teaching a workshop in front of a hundred people. I have had many self-inflicted embarrassing moments in my life and it has helped me cultivate deeper self love and acceptance. I highly recommend YOU seek out more embarrassing moments in your life, too.