Glenda Cedarleaf


Glenda Cedarleaf is a clinical hypnotherapist and author who has recorded thousands of customized audios as well as over 100 published meditation audios that soothe, inspire, empower and heal.

Glenda’s book “A Guide to Writing and Recording Guided Imagery Meditations: 70 Healing Scripts Included” offers inspiration and practical information gleaned from 26 years of working with clients and creating audios that combine meditative practices and guided imagery with specially chosen background music and nature sounds.

Her own life challenges of dealing with loss and illness, as well as the joys of creative soul exploration, inspire her work with clients and the writing of her meditations.  Her training in Guided Imagery and Somatic Healing is from these mentors: Belleruth Naparstek, Dr. Emmett Miller, Dr. Peter Levine, and the Wellness Institute.  She has licensed her healing audios to hospitals, spas and health care practices.

Let’s get personal

What is the teaching that is most important to you?

Mindfulness, HeartCentered Hypnotherapy and Guided Imagery have transformed my own life as well as how I work with clients.

Mindfulness helped me deepen my moment to moment awareness. This has enhanced my focus and enabled me to feel more joy in experiencing nature, my body, my spiritual connection and my relationships with others.

Heart Centered Hypnotherapy and Guided Imagery have been a foundation for me in transforming my own challenges as well as those of my clients. Once I experienced how to harness the power of the unconscious mind to inspire change, I knew I had found my path!

What helps you practice self-compassion?

The most direct way I practice self-compassion is by connecting with my inner child. As I sense into the emotions and yearnings of this aspect of myself, I can more easily understand the core of my struggles and bring loving kindness rather than judgement to myself.

What are you most insecure about and what helped?

I used to be insecure about being visible, especially when publishing my meditations. One summer day in 2006, a very clear message came to me. I realized that by staying caught in my fear, I could not be in alignment with living my purpose. If I didn’t accept the responsibility for sharing this powerful practice with others, I would remain in the illusion of thinking it was just about me and my fears. Learning this lesson has been very freeing and has given me courage to continue writing and recording these meditations.

What’s the biggest challenge you've faced? How did you overcome it?

Like all of us, I have faced some very difficult life challenges. One of these challenges is related to health. In 2018, I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Rheumatoid Arthritis. The Rheumatologist told me that I would be in a wheelchair within 6 months based on the severity of my lab results as well as the inflammation in my body. He said the only way to change the trajectory of the disease was to take regular infusions of biologic immunosuppressants.

I chose a different route and with the help of integrative practitioners, I followed a holistic protocol which included supplements and a specific diet. The pace of my day shifted into low gear and self care became and continues to be a priority. In the sacred space of stillness, the gift of meditation and love heals my spirit. My body is pain free now without any arthritis medications. I am able to ride my bike, swim, and even cut up vegetables again! This healing journey has required patience, perseverance and continued self-compassion.

The caring dedication of my husband has been a precious support for me. Living with illness has helped me learn how to navigate loss and suffering more skillfully. It has greatly influenced and inspired my writing and helped to deepen my meditation practice. I would not have chosen this illness, but the unexpected gifts it has brought to my life are many and I am grateful.

What are some of your pleasures?
My pleasure is hearing and seeing ocean waves, the song of summer cicadas and peepers, being in a pool or lake or ocean, looking out my window at my meditation garden, hanging out with my husband, seeing my grandchildren flourishing, listening to amazing evocative music, and feasting on sourdough bread with real butter (which I can only do in my imagination these days given I'm on a gluten and dairy free regimen!)

Given the choice of anyone in the world, who would you want as your dinner guest?

My choice would be Harriet Tubman. She became my hero at age 9 when I read a book about her life. I was so touched and continue to be amazed by her courage. If I could sit with her at dinner, I would want to learn more about what fueled her bravery and dedication to risking her life to help so many people escape slavery in America. I would love to just be in her presence, feel her energy and thank her for caring so much to make the world a better place.