Your body is a lot like a car

June 17, 2020

Your body is a lot like a car — keep it fueled and properly maintained, and you give it the best chance to perform. Keep driving it nonstop and without proper tune-ups, it’s likely to break down. And, friend, ignoring our body's 'check engine light’ isn’t the best option.

Stress is like constantly riding the brakes on a car. When we’re anxious, we release stress hormones, including cortisol and adrenaline. Over time, elevated and chronic stress hormones can wreak havoc on our system, making us more vulnerable to getting sick. Meditation regulates our stress response, which can actually help us to have healthier immune systems and bodies.

So, think of it this way— meditation isn't just for the mind

It's actually a great way to dial into our body's physical signals, and to get our mind and body playing on the same team again. 

Our favorite mind-body check-in is a mindfulness technique called the Body Scan. Think of it like a meditation MRI. It helps us to notice and release the stress in our bodies. 

We practice this by actually doing a mental scan of the body; we bring attention to each body part from head to toe, noticing any pain, tension, and discomfort. We practice staying present with and breathing into the sensations to release the tension.  

And, the best part? 

It’s cheaper than a massage and can make you feel just as great. 😉

So, get cozy and comfortable, and try this 8-minute guided *Body Scan* meditation. 

Let us know how you feel afterward!