Has it really been one year?

March 10, 2021

We’ve reached the one year anniversary of pandemic life.

Pat yourself on the back right now because you’ve done the best you can this year.

And, it’s okay if the entire year felt exhausting. 

That’s actually a normal response. The tricky thing with change is that it’s unfamiliar, which the brain perceives as a threat. We’re somewhat hardwired to resist it.

Also, our brain is essentially designed to take the easy way out (if you caught our newsletter on ‘habits’ a few months back, you’ll remember that!) — and we simply didn’t have the neural pathways in place to deal with what was thrown our way. 

Our brains had to kick into overdrive...for a full year.

Building all of the new habits we all of a sudden needed was undoubtedly uncomfortable and tiring for many of us.

But, do you want to know something really cool? 

A consistent meditation practice helps us to face discomfort and the unknown in our liveson both a psychological and physiological level.

Emotionally, mindfulness teaches us how to be with all the feels of daily life and we learn that everything is bound to change (this, in fact, prepares us for it when it happens!) 

Physically, practicing over time also changes the structure of our brain (dare we say, for the better!) We’re actually rewiring ourselves in such a way that we’re better able to cope with the stress of change when it does hit.  

So, what do you say we get started?

Try our “Ch Ch Changes” 10-minute guided meditation to help face the unknown more easily.

Here’s to going with the flow more often, friends.